Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Exclusive Stream Of NEBULA - Let It Burn (Heavy Psych Records Reissue)

I became very excited when I heard the news that Heavy Psych Sounds announced it will work with California fuzz/psych legends Nebula to reissue three of the band’s most landmark offerings. Originally released in 1998, 1999 and 2002, respectively, Let it Burn, To the Center and Dos EPs and they will be made available as special editions to mark the 20th anniversary of the band.

Here's some cool info from the original press release:

"When guitarist/vocalist Eddie Glass joined forces with bassist Mark Abshire and drummer Ruben Romano — both previously of Fu Manchu — they found magic together and no one before and no other band since has been able to capture that sound in the same way, though plenty have tried. With Let it Burn, they established a place for themselves between druggy psych and forward-driving fuzz rock, and as they moved through the subsequent Sun Creature EP, their split with Sweden’s Lowrider and the To the Center full-length the next year, they only grew, progressed and refined this approach into something all the more their own.

The two short releases were later compiled as Dos EPs, and the flow contained there is no less pivotal than either Let it Burn or To the Center. Working exclusively in cooperation with the original members of Nebula, Heavy Psych Sounds will release Let it Burn, To the Center and Dos EPs in January, February and March, 2018 in vinyl, limited vinyl, CD and digital editions, each containing bonus material, extra songs and more.

Nebula have announced 2018 live dates with the lineup of Eddie Glass, bassist Tom Davies and drummer Mike Amster (Blaak Heat, Abrams), including stops at Desertfest London and Berlin with more to follow."

Well the 1st reissue of Let It Burn will be released this Friday and it's still my favourite release of Nebula. As is it showed you the potential of the band so early on in their career. This reissue has a couple of bonus tracks compared to the original release.

This is Psychedelic Fuzz at it's finest. It perhaps paved the way for other people to start their own Psychedelic Fuzz Rock band. Look what Gabriele Fiori of Heavy Psych Sounds had to say about working with Nebula on these reissues.

"It is an honor to have Eddie, Mark and Ruben come together to stand behind these three issues. These records are classics and have had a huge influence on me and an entire generation of artists and I can’t wait to get them back out there for people to dig into all over again!”

Now you can hear the reissue of Let It Burn in it's entirety. As the cool folks at Heavy Psych Sounds and Purple Sage PR have allowed me to stream the full record ahead of it's release this Friday

You can buy Let It Burn here from Heavy Psych Sounds.



Thanks to Heavy Psych Sounds and Purple Sage PR for the premiere.

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard/Slomatics - TOTEMS (Album Review)

Release date: March 2018. Label: Black Bow Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Totems – Tracklisting

(MWWB) The Master and His Emissary
(MWWB) Eagduru

(SLO) Ancient Architects
(SLO) Silver Ships Into The Future
(SLO) Master's Descent

Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard - Members

Jessica Ball
James Carrington
Wez Leon
Paul Davies

Slomatics - Members

Chris Couzens - Guitar
David Majury - Guitar
Marty Harvey - Drums/Vocals



This. Is. Incredible.

I wouldn't have necessarily put these two together as bands that would put a split out, but as soon as you hear it, it's makes perfect sense that they did. And thank goodness they did.

MWWB kick off proceedings with just two tracks (still over 20 minutes combined) vs the three that Slomatics have contributed.

Opening track "The Master And His Emissary" is nothing short of perfect. Two minutes of droning repetitive synth (I genuinely mean that as a compliment) which suddenly gives way to FUCKING MASSIVE RIFFS, which build in momentum and structure as the song progresses and the distinctive and ethereal vocals cover the FUCKING MASSIVE RIFFS in swathes of melody for the best part of 12 minutes. Lovely stuff.

2nd track "Eagduru" follows suit and by the time it's all over if you're anything like me you'll find yourself reaching towards the repeat button.

But before you get a chance here comes Belfast's Slomatics with their own equally FUCKING MASSIVE RIFFS BUT FROM SPACE, as they start where their Welsh chums left off.

"Ancient Architects" is ace and the perfect way to introduce a slight change in the Slomatics sound as we see (or hear) the synth start to play a more prominent role in the bands sound. Everything else that you would expect is present and correct, those soaring vocals, concussive drumming and of course FUCKING MASSIVE RIFFS BUT FROM SPACE all play a part here.

"Silver Ships To The Future" makes for a nice interlude before the record closes with what I actually think is the best song Slomatics have ever written. It's definitely my favourite.

"Master's Descent" is an absolute joy from start to finish. About halfway through the song, just when I was expecting (and hoping) to be bludgeoned with another FUCKING MASSIVE RIFF BUT FROM SPACE Slomatics throw a massive curve ball...

The synth pops back up whilst the dual guitars hammer away beneath it and then there's a female vocal which is Jessica from MWWB making an appearance. It repeats, and builds and builds to a glorious crescendo that left me grinning form ear to ear desperate for more. Honestly. I'm pretty sure this is their masterpiece and if this is a sign of things to come I can't wait to hear more.

"Totems" is an absolute beast of a release that showcases two of the best bands in action today and both delivering probably their best material to date.

Don't be foolish and get over to Black Bow Records now and pre-order a copy because you'll kick yourself if you miss this.

Words by Simon Williams

Thanks to Curtis at Dewar PR for the promo. Totems will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via Black Bow Records from March 2018.

MWWB Links:

Slomatics Links:

Voidian - .​.​.​And Darkness was Upon the Face of the Deep (EP Review)

Release date: November 24th 2017. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

.​.​.​And Darkness was Upon the Face of the Deep – Tracklisting
1.City of Dread 09:17
2.The Murderous Sea 16:55


Dr.Witch: Bass and vocals
Mr.Void: Drums and vocals
Sgt.Doom: Guitars and vocals


Belgian Sludge/Doom/Post-Metallers Voidian new EP .​.​.​And Darkness was Upon the Face of the Deep offers two tracks that offer almost 25 minutes of heavy psychedelic nightmarish Doom/Post-Metal vibes. The vocals are split between the 3 band members and they offer a pissed off style of heavy grunts, clean vocals and disturbing growls.

The music drifts from Occult Doomish Rock to the heavy Sludge/Post-Metal style of music. Though the band are not adverse to switching the mood of the EP and offer a more psychedelic post-rock sound. The two tracks on offer here are brutally heavy and with a raw DIY edge. The sound can be too raw at times and the production is quite flat in certain places. It doesn't stop this being a very good record. It may take some time for people to warm up to overall sound of Voidian.

The music is superb though. As the band pummel their way through the Doom/Sludge and Post-Metal landscape with absolute conviction. If you like epic progressive songs with a dark edge then look no more. As Voidian could be the band you've been looking for.

The standout track has to the almost 17 minute offering – The Murderous Sea. As it offers the heaviest and darkest themes on the EP. Voidian fully explore their musical identity on this track and it leaves you wanting more. It does start off very slowly but the mood becomes more violent and extremely heavy.

Overall this is an excellent EP from Voidian and it makes me want to hear more from the band. Perhaps on a longer EP or full length album of some sort. Until then .​.​.​And Darkness was Upon the Face of the Deep will satisfy all of the Doom/Sludge/Post-Metal hordes currently out there looking for their next dark fix...

Words by Steve Howe


The Atlas Moth - Coma Noir (Album Review)

Release date: 9th February 2018. Label: Prosthetic Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Coma Noir – Tracklisting

1.Coma Noir 04:41
2.Last Transmission From The Late, Great Planet Earth
3.Galactic Brain 05:50
4.The Streets of Bombay
5.Actual Human Blood
6.Smiling Knife
7.Furious Gold
8.The Frozen Crown


Andrew - Synth/guitar
Alex - Bass
Mike - Drums
David - Guitar/Vocals
Stavros - Guitar/Vocal


Greetings All,

This February sees the release of one of the heaviest records I have heard in quite a while.

Chicago’s Atlas Moth release their monstrous fourth album, Coma Noir on the awesome Prosthetic Records label. With Coma Noir, the band have unleashed 9 crushing tracks of dark, focused, blackened metal. The cover art and title are a nod to one of my personal favorite types of literature. I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for the novels of Dashiell Hammett. The music on Coma Noir is dark and brooding, basically a black metal version of a 1940’s/50’s crime novel.

The band brings a more focused black metal sound on this record and they infuse that sound with elements of industrial, noise rock and a touch of psychedelia that has been prevalent in the bands earlier work. The band perfectly captures the overall theme and vibe that I believe they are aiming for with Coma Noir.

Each of the 9 songs presented presents multiple facets of the bands personality. The guitars are loud and hard. The drumming is sensational. This aspect alone sets them apart from the typical black metal drum machine hang up. Synths and bits of odd instrumentation are found throughout. But it is the vocals that are unique. Almost every song has the perfect mixture of anguished screaming vocals along with straight forward singing that keeps each song fresh and intriguing. The songs never fall into the monotonous trap that the majority of black metal (or metal in general) falls victim to.

The kicks off immediately with massive riffage of the title track, Coma Noir. The song from beginning to end perfectly encapsulates the tone and style of the record. Heavy, fuzzed out, almost industrial style guitar works with massive drumming and anguished vocals. Dammit, if there isn’t a bit of an homage at the end of the song to Metallica’s One with some double kick drum/riffing.

Last Transmission from the Late, Great Planet Earth comes at you next with its driving rhythms and buried sounds carrying the less than optimistic lyrics to a killer synth outro. One of the absolute stand out tracks is Galactic Brain. This song slows a bit from the break neck pace of the openers with a more stomping, Neurosis style rock sound. It opens with more straight forward vocals and a killer riff. The Streets of Bombay opens with a low rumble and synth based intro before absolutely exploding with face melting riffage. Actual Human Blood follows with continued heaviness highlighted by crashing cymbals and an industrial style beat.

Smiling Knife shows a very metal sound and is a bit of a two headed vocal monster featuring the screamed part and sung part. Another absolutely amazing track is Furious Gold which much like the title track features all the aspects that make this a truly amazing record. The song carries a very heavy groove and brings in blasts of industrial noise and fuzz along with some awesomely powerful vocals throughout.

The Frozen Crown is a straight forward synth heavy rocker. The closer is Chloroform, which starts out with some marching style drums and leads the plodding sound of this psych heavy track. The song is loaded with distortion, swirling synths and some spazzed out horns. The song provides a surreal, trippy, psyched out ending to the dark, murderous story the Atlas Moth has laid out for your listening pleasure.

If you like your metal dark and diverse, you should do yourself a favor and give Coma Noir some listening time. Atlas Moth have handed you one of the best and heaviest records to start 2018. Dig on it!

-Todd S

Instagram @alltheghoststhathauntyou

Words by Todd Stealey

Thanks to Becky at Pioneer Music Press for the promo. Coma Noir will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via Prosthetic Records from 09th February 2018.


Thursday, 18 January 2018

Mother Mars - On Lunar Highlands (Album Review)

Release date: December 08th 2017. Label: Pepper Shaker Records. Format: CD/DD

On Lunar Highlands – Tracklisting

1.Wrecker's Reunion Ball 04:59
2.Lost Planet Airmen 04:34
3.Thought It Best To Cut You Loose 05:32
4.Soap Bar Pick-Up Joint 03:41
5.The Stalwarts Of Saltwort Castle 09:30
6.The Working Mind Of The Creator 03:44
7.Woodhollow Green 12:54
8.Never Fail 04:12
9.Bigger Than Fear 05:43
10.On Lunar Highlands 08:35
11.The Heavy Hand Of The Destroyer 04:14


Frank Attard: drums, percussion, Clavinet, synth, meandering chaos
Paul Attard: guitar, bass, synth, banjo-mandolin, piano, organ, complications
Dave Schembri: vocals, harmonica, mellow vibes
Matthew Slager: lead guitar on 'Never Fail'


Aussie Psych Doom/Stoner Rockers – Mother Mars – are back with their 4th album – On Lunar Highlands. This album sees the band venture further into their 70s sounding Psychedelic Doom persona compared to previous albums. It maybe a tad overlong at 70 minutes in length but at least Mother Mars keep you entertained through the epic running time.

The music is vibrant, psychedelic and freaky AS HELL from the start. 

Opening track – Wrecker's Reunion Ball – is a seedy sounding doom little number with elements of Psychedelic Stoner Rock interacting superbly well with the Blues Rock drone based sounds. The vocals from Dave never disappoint and he's on inspired form here. Taking influence from the bombastic lead singers of the 60s and 70s but with an almighty confident swagger. Mother Mars add swirling noises that allows this track to standout as one of the albums finest tracks.

On Lunar Highlands progresses onto other great songs such as: Lost Planet Airmen, Thought It Best To Cut You Loose and Soap Bar Pick-Up Joint. As the band embrace a more classic rock dynamic with both their music and lyrical content.

Mother Mars impressed me the most with the two epic songs (The Stalwarts Of Saltwort Castle and Woodhollow Green) they've included on the album. As they enter a world of crazy psychedelic stoner rock that fans of the classic Black Sabbath sound will love. These two songs contain perhaps the best sounding “Space Rock” moments and Mother Mars employ a more “Jam” based style of music.

The album is perhaps too progressive for it's own good. Though that's perhaps one of the best things about the album. As Mother Mars have thrown everything into the mix and have created a superbly entertaining album that shows you why they are considered one of Australia's Premier Stoner Rock Bands. On this form, who can argue with that...

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe


Orphans Of Doom - Strange Worlds/Fierce Gods (Album Review)

Release date: January 26th 2018. Label: The Company KC. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Strange Worlds/Fierce Gods – Tracklisting

Mythical Sleep
Pleasure Delayer
Return of Supertoad


Jeremy Isaacson – Guitar
Bryan Sedey – Guitar
Greg Koelling – Drums


Orphans Of Doom debut album Strange Worlds/Fierce Gods is a mighty throwback to the good old days of Sludge/Post-Metal with heavy elements of Doom/Stoner Metal grooves. Throw in a dash of psychedelic weirdness and you have an album that takes the early thunderous days of Baroness and injects it with the spaced out worldly sounds of VYGR. This album sets the whole tone and structure of the album with the excellent opening track - Harvest.

As Orphans Of Doom play heavy doomy and sludgy sounds with the impressive harsh growls making a confident appearance. The music veers from heavy sludge/doom and post-metal moments to the more melodic Psychedelic Prog/Stoner moments. Some cool keyboards/organs appear towards the end that reminds me of VYGR's debut album Hypersleep. Orphans Of Doom offer a more complex and perhaps heavier progressive style of music. The chuggish heavy metal guitars that appear towards the end were a very cool surprise. As Orphans Of Doom expertly mix up the different styles of music they play throughout the album.

Second track - Kakegoe - opens with impressive drumming from Greg before the heavy psychedelic guitars appear. The song carries on the chaotic sounds from the opening song and the densely heavy vocals soon gives way to impressive psychedelic guitars that Progressive Sludge Metal fans will find much to enjoy. Orphans Of Doom quickly change styles to a heavier and thrashier style of Doom Metal. The album doesn't shy from its post-metallic roots with the whole mood of the album being eerie familiar but maintaining its own style amongst the progressive nature of the music.

Third song - Mythical Sleep - conveys a much darker story as the vocals are more angrier and the music remains firmly within the realm of Doom/Sludge Metal. The band still shows their mighty range of progressive rock guitar wizardry on this song. Perhaps another reason why Orphans Of Doom are so very hard to describe at times. Sometimes the album feels that a whole bunch of different bands played on certain songs and that's quite impressive indeed. The vocals are perhaps the only constant part of the album that never changes.

Fourth Track - Cephalopod - is perhaps my favourite song on the album as the song has a few Thin Lizzy and Mastodon style moments with the guitars playing a familiar sound.

The second half of the album continues the psychedelic doom/sludge rock odyssey with songs such as Excension, Pleasure Delayer, Return Of Supertoad and Ghosts allowing Orphans Of Doom to experiment with their sound yet again. Psychedelic Rock/Metal is a huge part of Orphans Of Doom's overall sound and that's when the albums most exciting moments happen as well.

No matter which genre you feel most associated within the Doom/Sludge/Stoner and Post-Metal spectrum you cannot deny how good Orphans Of Doom are actually are. They deliver the goods with Strange Worlds / Fierce Gods and I can see why Joshua at The Company KC signed the band to his label.

This is a band with hopefully huge potential and longevity within the Doom/Sludge/Post-Metal scene. When this album is released, I urge you all to check these guys out ASAP. They are definitely ones to look out for.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to The Company KC for the promo. Strange Worlds/Fierce Gods will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via The Company KC from January 26th 2018.


MERLIN - The Wizard (Album Review)

Release date: January 26th 2018. Label: The Company KC. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

The Wizard – Tracklisting

Sage's Crystal Staff
Iron Borne
Tarantula Hawk
The Wizard Suite


Caleb Wyels - Percussion
Carter Lewis- Guitar
Jordan Knorr - Vocals
Chase Thayer - Bass
Stu Kersting - Saxophone


I'm going to say now that I think Merlin's new album - The Wizard - is a superbly produced and an hugely entertaining album. The only problem that I have with this album is the saxophone that the band have added to certain parts of the album. Stu Kersting who plays the saxophone does a superb job and it does indeed sound fantastic. However I felt the album could have been a much better experience without it. That's my only criticism of this album.

Merlin have created a rich example of different doom based sounds with songs such as Abyss, Gravelord, Golem, Iron Bone and The Wizard Suite being the main highlights of the album. The music is quite progressive and psychedelic at times and most of the songs contain a cool story or idea about Merlin and Wizard Life in general. The Wizard is more seventies prog rock based than their last album and the vocals from Jordan holds everything together. The lyrics are quite catchy at times showing that Merlin have a flair for both musical and lyrical content.

This is the kind of album that marches to its own beat and doesn't worry about sounding different to other Doom Metal bands currently out there. The production allows Merlin to fully expand their sound and it's the little things that you miss listening to the album for the very first time that you begin to notice upon further listens. Such as how Merlin weave different styles of music and matching instruments that shouldn't really work but actually do. The atmosphere is heavy and gloomy especially during the heavy metal/retro rock sounding moments.

I know within time that the Saxophone parts will soon become part of the albums DNA and I will probably adore everything about this album. It's kind of cool that The Wizard will leave you frustrated at times but the album has more than enough going for it to entice you back under its magical spell. Even the saxophone parts of Sage's Crystal Staff is slowly taking over my musical soul. It's one of the shortest songs on the album but it's slowly becoming one of my favourite songs on the album.

Merlin has delivered a wickedly entertaining and devilish sounding album with The Wizard. I can see this album perhaps dividing the Doom Metal community but it's always good to have a band or album to challenge the status quo. If you're a dedicated Doom Metal fan then you need this album in your life and record collection. No question.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to The Company KC for the promo. The Wizard will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via The Company KC from January 26th 2018.